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Supporting eye health and vision is crucial to safeguarding children’s development. The easiest way to take care of your child’s eyes is to have them tested by a qualified optometrist. As well as catching vision loss early on, we can track their visual development and look out for eye conditions that could hinder their education and well-being.


All of our testing is specially designed to be comfortable and effective for kids no matter their age or reading level.


Regular eye tests are vital for kids because vision loss and other eye problems need to be caught and corrected quickly. Many children don’t know their vision has changed and this can affect everything from their schoolwork to their confidence.


With our specialised kids' eye tests, we test for all kinds of vision loss and screen for conditions that children are susceptible to. Whether it’s testing, minor vision loss or a complex eye condition, we’ll make sure your child gets the best eye care possible.

Little boy having an eye test
Myoia management


Myopia, or shortsightedness, is a common type of vision loss which makes it difficult to focus on objects in the distance. This is caused by the elongation of the eyeball that changes the shape of the cornea making it more difficult to focus. Myopia is a life-long condition and can be especially challenging for children.


The good news is that myopia-control technology is becoming increasingly effective and easy to use. We offer MiSight® contact lenses by Coopervision and Essilor Stellest® spectacle lenses, both of which are designed to correct vision and may be able to slow down the progression of myopia.

Young Child Getting First Pair of Glasses


Whether it’s a young child getting their first pair of glasses or a teenager looking to switch up their look, we are confident our range of glasses has something for everybody. All of our frames are made from quality materials using amazing designs to provide comfort and style.


Our approach to dispensing is to offer lots of time in a stress-free environment and this applies to kids too – they’ll have plenty of opportunity to try on frames and find something they’re excited about.

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